Our Story

Dean Adelman Body Building Photo

Meet the Inventor

Hi, I am Dean Adelman and I invented TreadFitt. I have enjoyed physical fitness for over 25 years, initially spending time rotating between strength training lifting heavy weights and cardio time on my treadmill. As my work out time was being shortened due to career demands, family, and other life issues, I discovered a way to combine my cardio time with strength training. I have included a photo of the first TreadFitt…a simple strap that I could use to do strength training while on my treadmill. Obviously it was a little rough, but it worked.

Prototype Testing Bands on Treadmill


From that simple idea I made the decision to build an attachment that could be added to virtually any treadmill allowing casual to serious strength training while you enjoy your cardio work out at the same time.  Shoulders, biceps, triceps and that all important core can all be worked out while on your treadmill.  Burn more calories while shortening your work out time.

Prototype 2 Testing Bands on Top of Treadmill


I worked with designers and engineers for several years to perfect this fitness product. Stop storing clothes on that treadmill and get it involved in your fitness program by adding a Treadfitt strength training attachment.  It is a simple installation requiring no tools, there are several levels of bands, and it is portable….take it with you on the road.



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