Buy Resistance Bands

Buy replacement sets of resistance bands.  Included with your TreadFitt purchase are two sets of resistance bands, one pair of lightweight bands and one pair of heavy bands.  In addition, you can buy resistance bands to replace broken or lost bands.

Choose Resistance Bands to Buy


The resistance bands are designed to work with your TreadFitt treadmill attachment.  Choose from the lightweight (red) bands and the medium (yellow) bands to match your workout intensity level.

Switching between resistance bands is simple and takes only seconds!  Our specialized resistance bands are designed for optimal use on the TreadFitt treadmill attachment.

You can refer to our workout page to see the variety of exercises you can do with the bands.

Reach out to us


We have spent a lot time researching the best ways to exercise with the resistance bands on the TreadFitt.

They are designed to connect either to the top or bottom of the vertical bar of your TreadFitt.  They open eye hooks are made to prevent damaging the resistance bands while taking them on or off.

If you have any questions, feel free to visit our FAQ page and if it is not answered there, please contact us.



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