TreadFitt Installation Video – Start your Resistance Band Training in Minutes!

TreadFitt assembly is quick and easy. Follow the directions in the video to get up and running with resistance band training on your TreadFItt in just minutes! 

TreadFitt Installation


  1. Turn the vertical bar and tighten down knob securely.
  2. Unravel the velcro.
  3. Secure the brackets to the arms of the treadmill and tighten the velcro securely on to the arms of the treadmill.
  4. Adjust the vertical bar so it is in the center of the treadmill and tighten all the knobs on the TreadFitt.


Resistance Band Installation


Place the loop side (opposite side of the handle) on into the open hook either on the top or the bottom of the vertical bar depending on which exercises you intend to do.



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